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Lapidary and Jewelry Services

We are pleased to offer a variety of services to help get the right size and shape rock you need and to help with the finished look. Please contact us to discuss the details of your project.


By accepting our services you agree that we are not responsible for breakage or any unexpected developments resulting from those services. Full payment for services is due immediately upon start of work. Services are taxable in the state of California. Service payments are non-refundable. Coupon discounts do not apply to services. Items left longer than 30 days after we notify you of completion may be forfeited.

Please note that I have a minimum service fee of $100 for any lapidary services done through the mail. 

Rock Cutting

$1.00 per square inch cut.

Minimum charge per rock cut: less than 5lbs = $10; 5lbs or greater = $25.

Rock weight over 25lbs: add $25 to total charge.

Hard/difficult rock (meteorite, psilomelane, native copper, jade, etc.): add $25 to total charge.

Rock Polishing

Flat surface:

Maximum 3000 grit (finer grits by special arrangement).

$2.00 per square inch; minimum charge $25.

Over 100 square inches: $2.00 per square inch.

Rock weight over 25lbs: add $25 to total cost.

Difficult Rock (meteorite, petrified wood, etc.): add $0.25 per square inch, $10 minimum.

If the surface of the slab or rock requires grinding or other prep work prior to polishing, a surcharge will be applied.



Faceting services are offered for unique or interesting stones. We don't do bulk faceting of gem material, but if you have a special stone that you want cut then shoot us an email! 

Jewelry Services

We are happy to provide jewelry repair, cleaning, and custom design services. Services we offer include:

  • Creating custom jewelry (silver and gold). Depending on the complexity of the project, this is done in-house or in conjunction with Gemologist John Heusler, a renowned and highly published artist with 40+ years of experience.

  • Repairing and cleaning jewelry

  • Cutting and polishing cabochons

  • Setting stones

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