Stichtite - Mixed Grade

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You are purchasing a 1+ pound lot of Stichtite from South Africa. Stichtite is a beautiful carbonate of chromium and magnesium, embedded within a serpentine matrix. This particular lot is mixed... somewhere between 25% - 75% purple, with most in the middle of that range.

The color ranges from lilac through deep purple. Please note that the pictures are a representative sample, and do not include my full inventory. However, everything in my inventory will be at least as nice as the bulk of the material in the pictures.

Each lot you purchase will contain at least 1 pound of Stichtite. Sizes vary from the size of a baby's fist up to several pounds.

If you purchase multiple lots, you may get a mixture of large and small pieces of Stichtite. If you have specific requests, please feel free to email me.

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