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Red Green Blanket (RGB) Rhyolite (5 pound lot)

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eBay Category: ROUGH STONES

We have recently received a large shipment of lovely Red Green Blanket Rhyolite from Chile.

Red Green Blanket is a new material out of Chile that resembles a cross between the markings of Indian Paint Stone and the colors of Cherry Creek. The finished pieces will show outstanding patterns with great color variation including red, green, blue, purple and yellow. It will polish to a satin finish, but adding diamond to the final polish will bring out a gorgeous luster.

These are mostly larger sized pieces (fist sized at the smallest), and due to the hardness of this rock we are not able to break them up into smaller pieces. Because of that, we are offering minimum 5 pound lots.

Each lot purchased will contain at least 5 pounds of this beautiful rough.

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