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Malachite Rough - By the pound

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eBay Category: ROUGH STONES

You are purchasing a 1+ pound lot of beautiful banded Malachite from the Congo, perfect for slabbing and cabochons, or even to have as a unique specimen.

Each lot you purchase will contain at least 1 pound of material. If you purchase multiple lots, you may get a mixture of large and small stones. If you have specific requests, please feel free to message me.

Most lots will have 1-2 pieces to make up the 1 pound. If you require smaller pieces, please let me know.

Because it is not necessarily clear in the pictures, the malachite tends to be on the larger size, including pieces that weigh several pounds. If multiple lots are purchased, I will normally send smaller numbers of larger stones, versus multiple smaller stones. If you would like multiple smaller stones, please let me know at the time of purchase so that I don't accidentally send you what you aren't expecting. For example, if you purchase 5 lots of this material, I will normally send you one larger stone that weighs several pounds, then (if necessary) an additional stone or two to make up the rest of the weight. I am happy to send you all smaller stones, or gravel sized stones, please just let me know so that I can select them at the time of packaging the order.

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