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Mtorolite - Mixed grade

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You are purchasing a 1+ pound lot of Mtorolite from Zimbabwe. Mtorolite is a chromium based chalcedony, a very close sister to Chrysoprase. (Chrysoprase's coloring is from Nickel, whereas Mtorolite gets its coloring from the chromium.)

This is a mixed lot, meaning you will receive a mixture of both high grade "A" grade and medium grade material. Both types of Mtorolite are beautiful, and a lot of customers actually prefer the medium grade because it looks like a moss agate type of pattern.

This material is mostly in smaller pieces. If you require larger pieces, please let me know and I will attempt to meet that requirement. Also, this material has been pressure washed, but still may have a layer of scale and clay on top from when the material formed naturally in the ground.

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