Indonesian Blue Opal Petrified Wood Earring Set

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Indonesian Blue Opalized Petrified Wood Cabochon Earring Set

Extremely Rare Blue Opal Petrified Wood. Stunningly delicate, gemmy, and rare! This beautiful material is from an ancient petrified forest on the steep slopes of Mt.Tjikolak in West Java, Indonesia. It was covered thousands of years ago by an ancient volcanic eruption. Then, over the ages, the wood was fossilized and preserved by opaline silica. The water in that silica was very rich in desolved copper, iron, and maganese. Those copper deposits are now found inside this blue opal. The petrified wood is interweaved with rich blue-green opal, and feathered with manganese and copper. It's like looking at the ocean! Perfect to be put in a beautiful pendant, cuff, or ring. These beautiful stones look great in silver, gold, copper, and macrame.

This is a pair of polished free form shaped cabachons.

Single Cabochon Weight: 12 grams
1.09 x 0.40 x 0.15 inches

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